Trump accused Mexico of not wanting to stop the flow of migrants.

Trump accused Mexico of not wanting to stop the flow of migrants.

The president criticized the neighboring country for what it «takes, but never gives»

US President Donald Trump said on Sunday that «America is fed up with Mexico.» According to Trump, she is “tormented” over the United States, does not stop at the flow of migrants from the countries of Central America, who are sent to the north in the hope of obtaining asylum in the United States.

Trump, who threatens to impose 5 percent duty on Mexican goods, if they do not stop the migrants on their routes to the United States, which he «takes, but never gives.»

“This continues for decades,” he added.

All we can do is to be very easy, or our many jobs, which can be transferred to the south side of the border, will be returned to the junction. States through taxation (duties). «

“US government officials are willing to reach agreement and compromise,” the Mexican leader said.

The Mexican foreign minister made it clear that he had a telephone conversation with the United States, and that they held a personal meeting in Washington on Wednesday.

“We will take a firm stand and defend the dignity of Mexico,” said Ebrard.

Lopez Obrador called for a “dialogue” and not for “coercive measures,” he said he expects “good results” from the talks in Washington.

Trump laid the foundation for procedural actions, recently published a political statement on Twitter: “On June 10, the United States submitted a 5 percent duty on all goods entering our country from Mexico, until such time as illegal immigrants entering our country through Mexico did not will be stopped.

The president added that on October 1, 25 percent would be reached if «the problem of illegal immigration is not resolved.»

In recent months, US border guards are detaining more and more people, mostly from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, crossing the southern border of the United States. Many of them hope to get asylum and stay in the States.

The sharp increase in the number of arrivals, recently migrant groups include a large number of children who have made great efforts to support families and children traveling unaccompanied by their parents.

Trump received Congress approval for new US, Canada and Mexico trade agreements. Some analysts believe that if the export is carried out in Mexico, it will be delivered in accordance with the approval of trade agreements, but at the same time acts as the head of the apparatus.

“This is a problem of immigration, not trade,” Mulvani told Fox News.

According to him, «to put pressure on Mexico.»

“Congress will not help us solve the problem at the border, so we turned to Mexico,” he added.


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