The US has tightened sanctions against Cuba.

The US has tightened sanctions against Cuba.

This is a ban on group educational trips to the island. Under the sanctions fell and the export of cars and aircraft to Cuba
The Foreign Assets Control Department (OFAC) of the US Treasury made several changes regarding the sanctions policy against Cuba. The announcement of this is published on the website of the American Treasury.

In particular, Washington has banned group educational trips to Cuba. Restrictions affected the issuance of export licenses for cars and aircraft. Such licenses can be addressed to the authorities, but now the presumption of refusal of them will be in force.

The rationale for toughening the sanctions states that Cuba continues to play a “destabilizing role in the Western Hemisphere”. In rebuke of Havana, Washington puts support for the opponents of the States in Venezuela and Nicaragua. Cuba’s actions, according to the US authorities, «contribute to instability, undermine the rule of law and suppress democratic processes.»

«The administration made a strategic decision to reverse the easing of sanctions and other restrictions on the Cuban regime,» the message cites the words of the head of the Ministry of Finance, Stephen Mnuchin.

In 2015, under US President Barack Obama, a warming of US-Cuban relations occurred. Washington restored diplomatic relations with Havana. However, with the advent of Donald Trump to power, all agreements on the normalization of relations were canceled. Trump continued to strengthen the sanctions policy against Cuba.


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