New Yorker arrested on suspicion of preparing explosions.

New Yorker arrested on suspicion of preparing explosions.

New York City Ashikul Alam arrested on suspicion of preparing explosions in the city center. PIX 11 announces the appointment of the New York Police.

On Thursday evening, Alyam was detained while trying to acquire weapons. Details of the arrest are not given. We have the opportunity to smoke on politicians in New York and Washington.

In conversations, Alyam expressed support for the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and the actions of the terrorist group IG, the Voice of America said.

Earlier, ABC broadcaster reported that arrests of interests were committed in Times Square in central Manhattan. The New York Daily News newspaper writes that Alam is a participant in a larger conspiracy. According to NBC News, Alam was under the supervision of the authorities for some time. He discussed that he intended to make a «death belt» or to use explosives, but in the end he decided to use firearms.

Times Square has already been targeted by terrorists. So, in 2010, an attempt to blast a homemade bomb hidden in a car was prevented. Then a US citizen pleaded guilty to the crime. The Taliban from Pakistan assisted him. In 2017, a native of Bangladesh tried to explode a bomb hidden on his body.


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