Portugal won the UEFA League of Nations.

Portugal won the UEFA League of Nations.

The Portuguese national team won the national team of the Netherlands in the final match of the UEFA League of Nations with a score of 1: 0.

Gonzalu Guedes, who distinguished himself in the 60th minute, became the author of the naked match in Portugal.

In England, won against Switzerland. The winner was determined in a penalty shootout.

All of these teams became the winners of groups in Liga A.

What is the UEFA League of Nations?

The UEFA League of Nations is a new tournament for national teams, created by the Union of European Football Associations. It is intended to replace friendly matches. Meetings in the UEFA League of Nations.

55 European teams take part in the tournament, divided according to UEFA rating into four leagues. Rating of the most popular positions of a rating. Next are leagues B, C and D.

The Russian national team could not make it into the elite league of the tournament. In the second group of the League in Sweden and Russia scored 7 points, however, the Scandinavian team had an advantage in personal meetings. In the end, the next tournament will be held in the elite League, and we will have an additional chance to fight for a ticket to the European Championship 2020 (if it does not get into the qualifying campaign) in matches with the winners of other groups. The third place in the group was taken by the Turkish national team (3 points).


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