Venezuelan authorities secretly tried to sell gold from the country’s reserves

Venezuelan authorities secretly tried to sell gold from the country’s reserves

Approximately two tons of gold from the gold reserves of Venezuela were put up for auction in Turkey in March of this year, the Wall Street Journal newspaper reported on Tuesday, citing sources.

«Uganda was listed as the country of origin of gold, but customs documents show that it is from the storage of the Venezuelan Central Bank,» the newspaper writes.

Gold tried to sell in March with a significant discount compared with the market price. The attempt was unsuccessful, and gold was put up for sale again with an even greater discount. The source of the newspaper does not know whether someone bought gold at that time. The gold bars that Venezuela tried to sell almost certainly came to Venezuela from the United States in the 1940s on account of the payment for oil supplied from Venezuela during World War II.

The newspaper does not provide any evidence of the connection of this gold with Venezuela, except statements by sources.

This gold, says the newspaper, is part of the cargo of 7.4 tons of bullion from the country’s gold reserves, sent by the Venezuelan authorities to Uganda.

Gold was brought to Uganda in two batches: 3.8 tons and 3.6 tons by plane of the Russian charter company Nordwind Airlines. According to the WSJ, the gold was transferred from Caracas to Entebbe Airport in Uganda, and then transported to the company Gold Gold Refinery (AGR), engaged in the smelting of gold.

Then the first batch of gold was sent to Dubai, the destination was Turkey. The second batch was confiscated by the police, the Central Bank of Venezuela stamped on the bars, a police source told the newspaper, some of the seals were erased. Two months later, the Prosecutor General of Uganda ordered the police to return the gold and withdraw their employees from AGR.

Back in March, Western media reported that the African Gold Refinery received 7.4 tons of gold from Venezuela, part of which was confiscated and then returned to the Uganda police.

Venezuela is experiencing a severe economic crisis caused by falling oil prices. The situation is so bad that many citizens have emigrated to nearby countries. In addition, the United States staged an economic blockade to provoke a change of government in Venezuela.


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