George Soros proposed to introduce a tax on the rich in the United States

George Soros proposed to introduce a tax on the rich in the United States

States are calling for the introduction of wealth tax in the country.

To impose such a tax in order to eliminate inequalities and provide financing to tackle climate change and health issues, among others, call for financier George Soros, heirs Regan Pritzker and Abigail Disney, and co-founder of Facebook Inc. Chris Hughes.
«We appeal to all presidential candidates, whether Republicans or Democrats, to support the introduction of a moderate wealth tax for one-tenth of 1% of the richest Americans — for us,» a letter signed by 19 billionaires, including one anonymous signature — One more dollar of new tax revenues should be paid by the most fortunate financially, not the middle and low income Americans. »
Democratic presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttidzhich and Beto O’Rourke support this idea, it follows from the letter. Warren proposes to introduce a 2% tax on assets in the amount of $ 50 million and another 1% on assets in the amount of more than $ 1 billion. It is estimated that in 10 years the income from this tax could be about $ 3 trillion.
Not all Democrats agree with the idea of ​​a wealth tax, because many believe that it will be difficult to objectively estimate the value of such objects as works of art and jewelry. Some also fear that such a tax would be unconstitutional, since the US government may tax only income, not property.
Earlier Monday, the New York Times reported this letter


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